The woman has declared himself an expert on the “taste” of names and decided to cash in on it


Julie Macauslot: @JulieAMcDowall

A writer from Scotland Julie McDowell decided to monetize their ability to call the taste of names. The woman said in Twitter that is experiencing a neurological phenomenon “synesthesia”.

The ability of McDowell, according to her, allows her to taste words. She invited followers to send in comments to post their names in response and promised to share how it feels.

A few days McDowell received thousands of names in comments and requests to talk about what they taste. At first she responded to everyone, but then decided to monetize your ability. McDowell suggested followers to send her a donation in return for a review and promised to convey “feelings” on three names in your podcast.

Most of the names the woman feels like candy or food. For example, the name Emily it feels like a “biscuit of the biscuit that had been dipped in coffee and chocolate.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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