A list of important things for amnesiac grandmother touched the Internet


Photo: Lowcrbnaman / Reddit

Network users touched the list with a reminder that an adult daughter did for her mother suffering from dementia. Posted on Reddit a photo of the signs with tips and reminders for the patient women gained more than 100 thousand likes.

The author of the post noted that the sign specifically placed in the living room so the elderly mother was always able to see her. The list resembles a woman with dementia, in particular, that its “food is paid” and that “all right”.

Reddit users praised the act of the daughter, noting that “to cope with so difficult.” Many users decided to share their stories about relatives who are also experiencing memory problems due to diseases. One of the commentators said that his “mother was greedy and selfish”, but after an illness, which worsened her memory, she was “cute”. The user added that such changes were all good.

Many commentators have noted changes in sexual behavior of their relatives after they had begun to lose her memory. According to users, their grandparents become more active.

Earlier in December 2018 users have admired touching act American student from a poor family. He got the marshmallows free Lunches and gave them to his beloved teacher.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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