A resident of Japan tried to sell the uranium on the Internet


Photo: Shutterstock

Police in Tokyo revealed that one of the users of the network were trying to sell uranium on the Internet site. The results of the investigation, RIA Novosti reported citing local broadcaster NHK.

A suspicious offer of a radioactive substance appeared in an online auction last year. It drew the attention of the local officer working in the field of nuclear energy, and reported the incident to the police.

The seller had planned to sell depleted uranium. Despite the fact that the radiation dose from it is lower than that of natural uranium, it can be dangerous to humans. When handling observe the rules of safety.

The police managed to arrest the seller. According to him, he resold the uranium purchased on the Internet in a foreign portal. The police Department continues to investigate.

Previously a resident of Hamburg tried to sell on eBay, your spouse. According to her, their marriage has outlived its usefulness. Lot price was 18 euros.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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