A single mother went to an escort and pay for the debts


Photo: Michelle Smith

A resident of London Michelle Smith (Michelle Smith) described how work as an escort helped her to repay the huge debts. Her story shared the edition of The Mirror.

About five years ago, a woman gave birth to a child and was forced to continue working in the office, receiving a small salary. She resorted to loans, and after a while its debt has reached 25 thousand pounds (2.1 million rubles).

To come to her aid in this matter there was no one, and the woman decided on the advice of friend to work as an escort. After much persuasion girlfriend and she believed that she did not have to deal with men sex.

33-year-old Smith said that over the years she managed to earn 20 million pounds (1.7 million rubles), and cash only. In addition, her clients make her a variety of gifts ranging from champagne to diamonds. Smith goes on dates with men of all ages and assures that never provides services of an intimate nature. “I often hear from them that they will pay extra for “additional services”. But I’m not,” said she.

Smith says that does not take customers money they give her as much as I see fit. This allows the woman not to pay taxes on earnings.

According to Smith, most of her customers are businessmen who do not want to show up at parties alone, so they have not bothered hunting for rich husbands. But there are exceptions: once Smith went out with the 70-year-old. He offered to share his fish & chips and paid a few hundred pounds. One of the customers allegedly proposed to her and offered to go with him to Dubai.

She carefully prepares for each date, choosing an outfit and makeup at the client’s request. Every time Smith thinks how to escape if something goes wrong.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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