Ariana Grande stuffed tattooed with grotesque mistake and came up with an excuse


Photo: @ariana_japan

American singer Ariana Grande have filled the tattoo in honor of the release of their new single Rings 7 (“Seven rings”), but fans found it a mistake. It is reported by Fox 4 Now.

On the left palm of the singer there was a phrase in Japanese, a picture which she hastened to share in your Instagram account. Members immediately pointed out several missing characters in the caption. “New tattoo Ariana Grande means “Shichirin” BBQ grill Japanese style, not 7 Rings,” wrote one commenter.

Grande said that deliberately missed a few characters who had to stand in the middle, because it was very painful and she would not have suffered even a single character. “And… I just love a tiny BBQ grills”, — joked the singer.

She soon deleted the publication, along with all the comments from social networks.

In October 2018 member of the Turkish TV shows Zuhal Topalla Azerbaijani woman Called Mila wanted to get a tattoo with the inscription in English. However, neither Called Mila and her tattooist did not know the language. In the end, on the right side of a 26-year-old girl from the ribs to the knee appeared absurd phrase correctly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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