Became known the details of the arrest “the most beautiful crackhead Russia”


Anna Gisowatt: page Anna Glazova in “Vkontakte”

Suspect in drug trafficking the heroine of the article “Heroin — property model,” the 27-year-old Muscovite Anna Glazova detained by traffic police while trying to dramatically change the movement of the car and hide from the police, reports the Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Moscow Department of the MIA of Russia.

“During the arrest she discovered and seized a transparent Bank with the gray substance, presumably heroin, weighing 0.4 grams. The substance is sent for examination”, — reported in Department.

In respect of detained made an administrative Protocol on illicit drug trafficking under article 6.8 of the Cao. She faces up to 15 days of administrative arrest.

The law enforcement source also confirmed the identity of the detained and told that she was on the Federal wanted list on suspicion of drug possession.

According to Telegram channel Mash, Glazov was detained with heroin weighing 1.73 grams in January last year. She was released under the obligation about an appearance, but from Moscow did not come in for questioning.

The article was published on the website “dear Sir, Yes you are a transformer” on December 18. The heroine of the text by the name of Teo told that 10 years using heroin, model, programmer and continues to live a normal life, despite the fact that daily making injections in the groin.

Netizens have called her “the most beautiful drug addict Russia,” but many have criticized the one-sided flow of information about the life of drug addicts. The article also was provided a link to the page of the heroine of “Vkontakte”.

20 December Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has asked Roskomnadzor to block the material for “information, which aimed at creating a positive image of drug users”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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