Declared “crystal beard” Emelianenko UFC fighter explained


Andrew Orlovskie: @andreiarlovski

Belarusian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Andrey Orlovsky explained his phrase “crystal beard” of Russian Fedor Emelianenko. The word athlete leads Sport24.

After the defeat of Emelianenko from American Ryan Bader Orlowski wrote in Instagram: “Hey, where are you experts? Th, emeli beard crystal, huh? How so?”. The fighter explained that his post didn’t mean to gloat or to “throw a stone” in the side of Emelianenko. “I wanted to throw the piece of shit in the experts,” — said the Belarusian fighter.

Under experts he was referring to the people, “which are heavier than beer, nothing raised”. They, according to Orlowski, spoke of the “impenetrable jaws” Emelianenko, so he decided to “shut their pie hole”.

The duel of Russian fighter against Bader took place on the night of January 27 in the United States. The American knocked out his opponent in 35 seconds and won the final Grand Prix of heavyweights of Bellator. Emelianenko coach Peter Tisse after the fight said that the athlete was ready only 66 percent. He also said that his client has problems with his knee and shoulder.

The defeat of Bader became the sixth in the career of Emelianenko. He has 38 victories.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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