Discovered a way to hack mobile by phone number


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Researcher in the field of cybersecurity Melih Sevim (Sevim Melih) found the vulnerability that allows you to enter in your iCloud storage on the smartphones of Apple brand. According to The Hacker News, the Corporation tried to hide the error from users.

It is reported that the company associates the phone number associated to billing Apple ID with iCloud account. For hacking Sevim entered contact information of a stranger in your personal account. Posing as a smartphone owner, he got access to some files, including notes.

“During my research I saw many notes from other Apple users who have stored information about their Bank accounts and passwords in iCloud,” said Sevim.

The researcher conducted an experiment, which was also hacked iCloud account by introducing random personal data.

According to Sevim, he turned to Apple with the error message in the fall of 2018. Then the company’s staff said that this problem was fixed before the researcher reported it.

However, the expert noticed that in fact the vulnerability has been available for some time after receiving the report of the Corporation. Apple did not betray the situation to the public, taking advantage of the iCloud settings can be corrected quickly.

Previously, netizens have noticed that FaceTime will allow any callers to spy on contact using the camera and listen to it. The company promised to correct the error.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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