Discovered one of the largest in the history database of stolen data


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The network has spread a vast database of stolen data, made up of 2.2 billion unique usernames and passwords. This is with reference to the German news portal Heise reports Wired.

According to experts, the database is compiled from various data sets obtained by hackers in recent years. Among the main sources they described as leaks from storage Yahoo, LinkedIn and Dropbox.

Fellow of the Institute name of Hasso Plattner in Germany David Jagger (David Jaeger) suggested that some parts of the array could be obtained by using an automatic hacking small and little-known sites. This means that some passwords were published for the first time.

Array called Collection #2-5. Some days it was downloaded over a thousand times.

“This is the largest collection of hacked data that we have ever seen,” said a researcher in the field of cyber security Chris Rowland (Chris Rouland). He is sure that the enormous amounts of information can become a tool for novice hackers.

In January an IT expert Troy hunt (Troy Hunt) spoke about the publication of the then the biggest base of email addresses and passwords. She received the name of the Collection #1. The array contained 773 million addresses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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