Discredit the St. Petersburg ZAGS put up for sale


Photo: makewed.ru

In St. Petersburg looking for buyers willing to pay hundreds of millions of rubles for the building, which previously housed famous all over Russia the registry office, informs “Fontanka.ru”. In 2014, the mansion was was the country’s first LGBT marriage.

Information about the sale of the object placed on one of the local ads, said the online edition. The two-story building on the Griboyedov embankment at the time, rented city hall to accommodate the Registrar’s office. A few months later, after the mansion was the marriage between an ordinary woman and a transgender, the registry office was closed.

In announcing the sale stated that the building intended for the organization of the family residence. “On the first floor can accommodate a kitchen, a bathroom, staff rooms, children’s playrooms, offices. On the second floor — master and guest bedrooms, living room” — leads to “Fontanka.ru” part of the description.

The bid price is 350 million rubles.

A scandalous marriage in the mansion on the Griboyedov embankment was registered in November 2014. For the ceremony the couple — a woman and a transgender man who was in the process of changing their biological sex, in white dresses. After six months in the state Duma introduced a bill to ban marriages between persons of the same sex if one of them had a sex change or is in the process of change. The bill was rejected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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