Explained the desire of Poland to have more American military


Photo: Kacper Pempel / Reuters

Poland does not trust the European States of NATO and wants to get direct military support from the United States, experts say the analytical center of Brussels Friends of Europe. It is reported Jane’s.

Warsaw is concerned about possible Russian aggression and I’m not sure that the European allies will be able to defend the country, the report said Paul Taylor of Fort trump” or nothing.” The expert notes that Poland, like many other European countries, relies more on a distant ally — the United States. In the case of Warsaw this is due to distrust of the larger members of the Alliance — France and the UK, as in 1939 they refused to stand up for her during the Nazi invasion.

Concern due, in particular, the annexation of Crimea by Russia and destabilization of the situation in the East of Ukraine, as well as cyber attacks and installation of military facilities in Kaliningrad. At the same time, Polish politicians worried about the growing influence of Germany to neighbouring countries.

As noted by Taylor, now in Poland there are three thousand American military personnel from NATO and through bilateral agreements. However, in Warsaw believe that the continued presence of Americans and the presence of military bases in the country will be able to keep Moscow.

In November 2018 the US state Department has approved the project of the sale of arms Poland at 655 million dollars.

In mid-September the President of Poland Andrzej Duda called for Washington to send to the Republic of more American troops. Before this, the US President Donald trump said that the White house is considering placing in Poland of a permanent American base. It proposed to call the “Fort trump”, the Polish authorities are willing to spend on its creation billions of dollars.

In response, Russia threatened to take action to neutralize the threat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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