Former President of South Africa called the father-in-law of an officer of the GRU


Jacob Tomatto: Mike Hutchings / Reuters

Ruslan Goring dismissed from the post of first Deputy Director of Rosgeologia after the scandalous video, served in military intelligence and was married to the daughter of the former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma. About it told personally familiar with Gorringe source; Gorring in an interview with the publication denied it.

Ruslan Gorring, according to the source, graduated from the Military University of the Ministry of defence — graduates of the school serve and operate in all Russian special services, the legislative and the Executive. After graduation he went to the General Directorate of the General staff of the Russian armed forces, better known as the GRU.

The source claims that Goring engaged in military-technical intelligence together with Roman Panov, the current Director of Rosgeologia, was sent to South Africa for ten years and organized visits to the country, Sergei Ivanov, who was defense Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the presidential administration, and now is a special envoy of the President on environmental issues. “At a time when Russia had to strategically strengthen its position in Africa, Ruslan “has committed an act of self-sacrifice” by marrying the daughter of the ex-South African President Jacob Zuma,” — said the source.

According to him, as a wedding gift polygamist and father of 18 children Zuma, who headed the Republic from 2009 to 2018, presented the newly minted son-in-law, two diamond fields (South Africa — one of the world leaders in diamond production — approx. “Of the”). One of them Goring allegedly sold to some Russian company approximately 100 million dollars and thus became rich. After a decade of travel he was sent “on a holiday” “Rosgeologiya”, concludes the source

The edition underlines that there is no other evidence of the relationship of Gorringe with Zuma, but an excerpt from an article published by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, where it is stated that the Russians “had in South Africa to marry a local black native”. The newspaper also mentioned the diamond business top-Manager in Africa.

Dismissal of Gorringe of “Rosgeologia” was announced on 29 January, after the network has spread part of the video with his participation. During her Gorring, playing at home in an online shooter in obscenities talked with a slave, obliging her to “knock”, and boasted of their sexual relationships at work. After the scandal was reported that the man changed his name and appeared in criminal case about large bribe.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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