Found a cache of guard Nicholas II


Photo: Ministry of tourism and health resorts of Stavropol territory

During the repair of a building of management of Federal Treasury of the Stavropol region in Essentuki was found a cache of unique photos of the family of Nicholas II. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of tourism and health resorts of the region.

Photo: Ministry of tourism and health resorts of Stavropol territory 1/2

The envelope with the pictures was lying under the old beam, and Stavropol local history novel Nutricin found out that they belonged to the guard of Nicholas II Anatolia Fedyushkin. The service in the protection of the Imperial family, he entered in 1907. Two photographs from a hiding place has authentic autographs of the members of the family.

These pictures will be part of the collection of the Department of the Treasury.

In late January, during the excavations in the basement of the historic buildings in the centre of Tashkent the detected value lost 80 years ago. Scientists at the National University of Uzbekistan found, in particular, exhibits from the collections of 1918, the Tashkent Palace of Prince Romanov and items that belonged to victims of Stalinist repression, major-General of the Russian army to Jurabek and immigrants from Europe and St. Petersburg.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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