Found a mysterious ancient manuscript about King Arthur


Photo: University of Bristol / PA

In the archives of the Central library, Bristol (England) was found a manuscript of the XIII century, containing a previously unknown version of the story of King Arthur and Merlin. About it reports The Guardian.

Historians found seven fragments of parchment inside one of the books of the French scientist of the fifteenth century. The text on them was hand-written in old French language. It tells the story of the Battle of the Culvert, during which Merlin inspired Arthur to the troops speech, and led the attack, carrying the banner of a knight of the Round table sir Kay with a picture of a dragon that breathed real fire.

It is believed that the manuscript is a version of the Estoire de Merlin (“History of Merlin”), which, in turn, is part of a cycle chivalry “Lancelot-Grail” or “Vulgate”. It differs from other similar texts in small details, including the names of military commanders, force commanders of King Arthur. In addition, the detected text is not indicated that king Claudas, the enemy of Arthur and Merlin during the battle was wounded in the thigh.

According to experts, the manuscript may be the version of the “Vulgate,” which the English writer sir Thomas Malory used as a source for his book “Death of Arthur”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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