Google admitted in a secret payments to users


Photo: Anastasia Dagaeva /

Google paid money to users in exchange for almost complete access to the contents of the smartphone and the possibility of surveillance. About the company themselves admitted to TechCrunch after the scandal with Facebook using the same app.

The program is called Google Screenwise Meter, it was launched in 2012. Adult users (and the original users from the age of 13) for remuneration proposed to provide access to your movements, photos and videos, messages and Internet traffic. This is in direct violation of Apple’s rules for distributing apps via their platform.

Without waiting for a lock app, the Internet giant has stopped its work for iOS and apologized for violating the rules of Apple. Google assured that Screenwise Meter did not have access to encrypted information on the devices and when installing the application users deployed was informed that data on their phone will be used.

The amount that Google paid for the use Screenwise Meter, is not called. Earlier, TechCrunch has learned that Facebook pays $ 20 per month to those who have installed a VPN called Facebook Research. For the money, the social network received almost unlimited access to personal customer data. After the revealed facts, Apple has revoked the Enterprise certificate Facebook Developer Program to distribute apps for iOS.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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