Guru “the battle of psychics” robbed reproduce potatoes


Michael Vinogradovoj: Center Mikhail Vinogradov / YouTube

Apartment criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov, who acts as an expert of the show “Battle of psychics”, robbed unknown. A law enforcement source said the Agency “Moscow” that the robbers were two men selling potatoes and chicken.

The police asked the son of a psychiatrist. He said that unknown persons entered the apartment of Vinogradova in the Airport area and offered food. “One of the strangers took of the applicant (son Vinogradova) in the other room, and the other went into the bedroom and stole out of the wardrobe 990 thousand rubles in cash. After that malefactors went,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The theft fact have confirmed in the main Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case, the perpetrators are yet to be determined.

Vinogradov, the psychiatrist-the criminalist, the doctor of Sciences, in the past he worked at the Institute of forensic psychiatry. Became widely known by appearing in a television show. In 2007, he became an expert of “the battle of psychics.” Directs a non-profit partnership “League of the psychics of the Russian Federation” and has its own center, which employs several former participants of the project.

The author of the film-investigation “Going to hell” Boris Sobolev exposed some methods work Vinogradova. In particular, he took to the experts of aura-camera, with which the expert checks for the participants of “Battle” on the existence of psychic abilities. It turned out that inside the aura camera reader electrical volume of hands, and the information that is displayed depends on the pressing force of the hand and its temperature and has nothing to do with the human energy field. The author of the project had learned with such a device the aura of the pan. “Condition of body and mind” capacity for cooking was positive and the level of relaxation is quite high.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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