History of gay suicide on the Norwegian website troubled by Roskomnadzor


Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Roskomnadzor demanded to remove the article about Sami gay and his suicide attempts from the website of the Norwegian newspaper Barents Observer reported on the website of the resource.

The author is a journalist of the Swedish newspaper Arjeplognytt Marianne Hoffman. Roskomnadzor any questions to the version of the material, translated into Russian. Representatives of the office in his letter to the Norwegian resource, threatening to lock demanded to remove the article from the site during the day.

The claim of Roscomnadzor to the Barents Observer is that the article reveals “information about methods of committing suicide” and includes “incitement to commit suicide”.

Editor of the Norwegian edition of Thomas Nielsen has refused to comply with the Roskomnadzor. “About the removal of the article cannot be and speeches,” he said.

At the moment, the Barents Observer article, “From suicide attempts to happiness and pride” available to Russian users. According to the Norwegian resource requirement to remove the article within days, we received 28 Jan.

In March 2017, the editor of Barents Observer’s Thomas Nilsen could not cross the border with Russia. Despite the availability of accreditation and a Russian visa, the Russian border guard service did not let the journalist, referring to the fact that he was “denied entry to Russia on grounds of national security.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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