Housing in Moscow has risen by a million


Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

Apartments comfortclass under construction on the territory of Moscow residential complexes for the year increased significantly in price. This is stated in the materials of the company “Metrium”, submitted on Thursday, January 31, in edition”.ru”.

The average cost of apartments in Moscow the new building increased from December 2017 to December 2018 by no less than 900 thousand rubles, in some locations growth rates reach a million rubles. Particularly pronounced dynamics were at one – and two-bedroom apartments: the first has risen on average by ten percent (to 6.9 million), the second by nine percent (to 9.93 million).

Studio apartments have increased in price seven percent to 5.13 million rubles, according to the company, and two-bedroom apartment rose less — by two percentage points, to the level of 12.98 million rubles.

The cost per square meter in the primary market of the capital has increased over the year by seven percent, to a level of 162 thousand roubles.

“Changing the sentence structure has its advantages, — says Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of the company “Metrium” (a participant in the affiliate network of CBRE). Within 2018 on sale 27 LCD comfortclass, which was a record for the capital market. And if the buyer is not ready to pay a million due to the active dynamics of prices, he has a chance to find an apartment at the right price in the new complexes.”

Earlier, on January 28, the compression of the segment of new buildings of Moscow economy class stated in “Bon Ton”. According to analysts, the company in December 2018 in the city was put up for sale just over 50 thousand square meters of affordable primary housing, while a year earlier the figure was 214 thousand “squares”.

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