In Europe refused to recognize Guido President of Venezuela


Juan Guido Photo: Leo Alvarez / RIA Novosti

Rome does not recognize opposition leader Juan Guido as interim President of Venezuela. This broadcast Tg2000 said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, Manlio di Stefano.

According to him, Italy is opposed to the fact that the country or group of countries can determine the internal politics of another country. “This is called the principle of non-intervention and the UN,” — said the diplomat.

Di Stefano added that the most important now to prevent war in a Latin American country. “It’s the same error that was made in Libya, and today is recognized by all”, — he concluded.

On 31 January the European Parliament approved a resolution recognizing the opposition leader of Venezuela and speaker of the Parliament of Juan, Guido acting President of the country. Indicates that the EP fully supports the National Assembly (Parliament) as the only legitimate democratic authority of Venezuela.

Before 1 February, the US presidential Advisor for homeland security John Bolton advised the Venezuelan leader to leave the country. In his Twitter he wrote that Nicolas Maduro and his top advisers should take advantage of the promised Guido Amnesty and spend the rest of my life “somewhere in the lovely seaside away from Venezuela”.

In Venezuela there is a struggle between the elected President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guido, declared himself head of state on 23 January. Maduro was supported by such countries as Russia, Iran and Turkey; Guido — the United States to recognize the legitimate President, Canada and several countries in Latin America. China also supported the position of Russia voted in the UN security Council against the proposed Washington agenda which the United States called for support for the Venezuelan Parliament, which is headed, Guido.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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