In Russia abolished the military departments


Photo: Valery Titievsky / RIA Novosti

Thursday, January 31, came into force signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the law on the abolition of military departments in higher educational institutions, reports RIA Novosti.

They were replaced by the educational military centres (UVTS).

In August last year it was reported that students of civil universities will be able to get military specialty without departing from the main study, combining it with a visit to the MTS of the Ministry of defense.

Graduates of such centers shall be exempt from conscription, but can go on contract service.

First UCC was created on the base of Military engineering Institute of Siberian Federal University. With Feb similar centres will operate across the country. Every civil institution will conclude with UVTS cooperation agreement, which will prescribe the right students to visit the center once a week.

Graduates of UCC are to take the oath and to the rank and military ID showing their military occupational specialty. The duration of the program of training of officers in the new centres is 2.5 years, sergeants — 2 years, rank-and-file soldiers — 1.5 years.

To enroll in the training center of the Ministry of defense, you will need to be competitive, including medical, selection.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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