In the United States called a “killer” of the Soviet Union


Photo: Yuri Abramochkin / RIA Novosti

Over its nearly three-century history of the United States has faced nine deadly enemies, says We Are The Mighty.

To those American edition Patriotic include (in order of increasing danger to the country) terrorists, the USSR, Mexico, China, Indian, UK, Japan, Germany, and the struggle of US citizens with each other.

According to We Are The Mighty, the Soviet Union possessed the ability “to kill millions of people around the world and bring the American system into turmoil,” but instead destroyed their own population. The publication suggests that food shortage became “deadly weapon” that destroyed the Soviet Union.

In December 2018, the publication noted that watching “propaganda” news and videos about the Russian laser weapons, you should pay attention to the “two things”: Russia “is lying about the new technology all the time and never showed it in action.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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