Jealousy of the girls was a symptom of a deadly disease


Photo: home of Evie Moore at Facebook

Unexpected strong jealousy to the guy for a Brit, Evie Moore (Evie Moore) a harbinger of encephalitis. The history of his disease, she told the publication the Daily Mail.

A resident of Stroud, Gloucestershire, in 2015, suddenly began to suspect her boyfriend that he was cheating on her and texting other girls. 20-year-old Moore, by his own admission, felt “paranoid” and was worried to tears over things that previously didn’t bother her.

In September of the same year she got the flu and when the beloved wasn’t home, called her parents. They heard the voice that the daughter is something wrong, and took her home. There have girls for the first time had a seizure. The parents called an ambulance, Moore was saved with a defibrillator, was taken to hospital and placed in an artificial coma for two days. When the British woke up, she need not know parents. Soon she was discharged from the hospital and sent me home.

Several days later Moore once again began to behave strangely: she was afraid to leave the apartment, while watching TV, thought that is in the center of events, and one night woke up in the full confidence that her mother died. The girl returned to the hospital where she was diagnosed with psychosis. A few weeks later the doctors explained to Moore that hallucinations and derealization caused by encephalitis.

While she was in the hospital, her boyfriend said he wanted to break up with her, but the parents continued to support her. Moore wrote only nine weeks. The first month it was constantly tormented by hallucinations and delusions. During the hospital stay, she gained 40 pounds because of the steroids that were given to her by the doctors to support the work of the brain.

Now Moore works in a travel Agency and found a new guy who immediately told about the disease. She believes that the disease changed her personality, and suffers from this. She decided to tell her story to help other people to diagnose the disease at early stages.

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