Muslim wanted to postpone his execution because of Christian


Photo: Nati Harnik / AP

In the United States sentenced to death a Muslim was asked to stop the execution of the sentence for a Christian priest. About it reports The Independent.

Lawyers for the 42-year-old ray Dominic, filed a lawsuit in state court in Alabama. They claim that the government violates the law requiring the mandatory presence of a Christian priest during a lethal injection. In their opinion, it “can serve only one interest, and unconstitutional, — the protection of the soul or the spiritual health of the convicted person in the Christian belief system”.

According to lawyers, earlier, ray was sent to the prison administration with the request to replace the priest on the Imam, but his request was denied. In addition, he also was not allowed to die without any clerics around. In this regard, lawyers need to stay the executions at the time of trial.

The Department in charge of the correctional institution, in its defense, refer to the approved Protocol. According to him, in the room during the execution can only be approved by the staff, including a prison chaplain, and it does not depend on the religion of the convicted person or a spiritual person.

The man to enter the lethal injection on 7 February. To death he was sentenced for murder in 1995. Then he stabbed 15-year-old boy.

In December 2018 it was reported that in the U.S. the offender in just over a month, was executed in the electric chair. Both men have asked about this method, claiming that the lethal injection brings much more suffering.

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