Renounced Batman Ben Affleck an suggested replacement


Jack O Connellite: Paul Hackett / Reuters

The website Screen Rant has chosen actors who could play the role of a young Batman in the new film by Matt Reeves.

Earlier it became known that Ben Affleck will no longer play a superhero Bruce Wayne. The journalists decided that the best replacement for him will be actor Jack O’connell. It is noted that after working in the film Angelina Jolie “Unbroken” he began to amaze audiences a diverse and impressive roles. In this regard, the artist is perfect for the film Reeves if he set a goal to tell the “dramatic and intelligent detective story”.

In second place in the list of candidates was Finn Wittrock, whose appearance is strongly reminiscent of depicted in the comics of Batman. Internet users assumed that he will play a major role in the upcoming movie about the superhero Nightwing, but work on the project was suspended.

The three main contenders closes star romance “Fifty shades of grey” Jamie Dornan. According to the authors of the portal, thanks to the films the actor has shown his talent to portray a quiet, dangerous and attractive characters, such as Batman.

In the list of candidates also included Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicholas Holt and Ben Barnes. Casting for the role of Batman in the upcoming pattern continues.

In January 2017, it became known that Ben Affleck an asked to become Director of the new superhero movie about Bruce Wayne, but the actor refused. Then he explained that he plans to play a major role, and also act as a producer of the new film.

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