Sailors rescued a baby seal from hungry dogs in the port of Murmansk


Frame: video “Nord-News”

Employees of the Murmansk Oceanarium care for a newborn baby seals or seals, which the sailors rescued from the hungry dogs in the port of Murmansk. This was told RIA Novosti the Director of the aquarium Irina Shorty.

The animal was discovered on Tuesday evening, January 29. Port workers ran to my mom shouting the pup and the dogs barking and found the baby, who was trying to attack the animals.

“What happened to mom, do not know. The sailors took the baby to the cabin, got in touch with us through the animal. It was brought to us, our doctor examined him, now the kid is taking a special blend of feed. While it is difficult to tell the puppy what animal we — young ringed seals, harp and grey seals are born equally white,” said Shorty.

She added that at the moment the most important thing to come out of the pup. He was placed in a room with a comfortable temperature and warm sheets. It weighs six or seven pounds. The staff of the aquarium has not yet invented baby name, but sometimes call him “happiness” and “sun”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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