The Chechens found another reason to gossip


Photo: @kavkaz_pravda

The inhabitants of the Caucasus are outraged by the novel, 23-year-old Chechen ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati Alena Shishkova. Their opinions about their relationship they began to share on social networks. Angry comments appeared, including, under the post, published on Kavkaz.Pravda in Instagram.

The publication says that the 25-year-old Shishkov started Dating a young entrepreneur and friend Timothy Mansour by Gamecover. “Life orientation North Caucasus of today’s youth changed their vector. Many people have forgotten who were the ancestors. The Caucasian children of influential officials and businessmen settled in Moscow and lead the same lifestyle as the local elite”, the message reads (spelling and punctuation of the original retained — approx. “Of the”). The couple was vacationing on one of the resorts of Sochi and what Shishkova and Diambekov often spend time in the capital’s cafes.

Comments began to vigorously discuss someone else’s life. “Chechen no one else to squeeze, picked up fallen leaves, Chechens anyone not go” — summed up one of the subscribers. “And to wife take, and the children multiply increasingly from Russian Natasha. I wonder why they don’t want their to be married?!” — asked the other. “Live in Chechnya, but never see, that was married to a Russian Natasha. Walking Yes, but a family with Natasha do not want to make,” agreed the third.

There were those who seemed unworthy of news attention. “People are entitled to their personal time as he likes and with whom you like, and you do not judge him,” he tried to reason with the other one of the commentators.

Alena Shishkova has become a popular blogger after she began a romantic relationship with Timur Yunusov (acting under the alias Timothy — approx. “Of the”) a few years ago. After the couple broke up, the fame of the Cone increased.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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