The F-35B will start to write off


Photo: US Navy /

The first American fighter of the fifth generation short takeoff and vertical landing F-35B Lightning II can be attributed, writes The Aviation Week.

The first F-35B Lightning II may be decommissioned by 2026, when the RAID more than 2.1 thousand hours, whereas the modern requirements prescribed in the project document, assume that each aircraft flies at least eight thousand hours. American journal notes that the early production models of the aircraft meet the more modest requirements for the duration of operation than modern machines.

Currently planned changes in the design of early fighter that will extend the life of the aircraft to the design.

The family of a stealth multirole fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II is developed and produced since 2001 by the American Corporation Lockheed Martin. The fighter is available in three versions: A (for air force), B (short takeoff and vertical landing) and C (deck).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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