The former beauty Queen was beaten by her husband



A former winner of the title “Miss Tanzania” ended up in the hospital after she was beaten by her husband. About it reports information portal Ghana Web.

Jacqueline Girl (Jackline Chuwa), received the title of the main beauty of the African country in 2008, got married two months ago.

In mid-January, her husband, of Ngasa Leonis (Leonis Ngasa) heard from a neighbor that he saw Cuvu together with another man nearby. Angry husband ran down the address and caught wife red-handed. Ngasa began to beat the woman, her lover immediately ran away.

When the man calmed down, he drove his wife to the hospital. There the police arrived and arrested Ngasu.

In the fall of 2018 in Iraq shot and killed a winner of the beauty contest “Miss Baghdad” and Instagram-blogger with almost three million followers Tara Phares. After that, the former winner of the title “Miss Iraq” Shima Kassem began to receive threats from unknown.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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