The offender died during a robbery


Frame: The Independent / YouTube

In the Brazilian city of Guarulhos, state of Sao Paulo, the criminal died of a heart attack during a robbery. This publication reports The Independent.

Three attacker approached the parked car in which were the priest and his wife. One of them opened the driver’s door, but suddenly lost consciousness and fell on the pavement. Later it turned out that he had a heart attack.

His accomplice fled, but then returned and tried to carry a dead comrade from the scene. All this time the other robber stayed near the car. The priest and his wife got out of the car and stood back from the criminals.

After a few seconds one of the attackers took a purse from the passenger seat, walked around the car, peered in the driver’s seat, and then shot towards the priest.

The criminals managed to escape, they are hunted down. Injured if the victim of the robbery was not reported. The attack was filmed by a surveillance camera.

In 2017, it was reported that in the Brazilian city of Campo Limpo Paulista, state of são Paulo, the police officer got into a shootout with armed robbers holding the hands of a small child.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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