The old man ten years spent on the road waiting for jilting his daughter


Photo: Poramet Misomphop page in Facebook

A soldier from Thailand published in Facebook the story of an old man from Bangkok, who for ten years sat by the road waiting for his daughter.

Paramet Nicompoop (Poramet Misomphop) noticed a man on Wednesday, January 30th at lunch in a local café. A long time he watched an elderly man sitting alone on a road fence. Misato decided to find out more about the stranger and asked questions in nearby shops.

So the man found out that the road sits a homeless man, who for a long time almost to come down. “I remember ten years ago there drove a car with a girl driving. That stopped the old man and something he said — Misato retells the stories of local residents. — However, it was difficult to make out what it was she told him”.

The girl left unhappy in the place where he found the military. Later, the old man told the store clerk that his daughter was going to work, so briefly left him. The man was convinced that her daughter will be back for it any minute, and waited patiently.

“But the next day when I opened the shop, the man was still sitting on the ground,” explained the worker of the shop. No one gave the incident until the unknown man did not appear on the road every day. In sympathy, the woman gave him some food and since then never ceases to look after him.

The clerk wanted to help a stranger, but in response, he muttered two sentences: “She’ll be back soon, she’ll be back soon” and “Soon come back”. Misato shared a touching story in social networks in the hope that someone may recognize the man in the photo and help find her daughter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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