The plane ran away from the owner, clipped a car and crashed on the fence


Frame: KOVR

In the American state of California crashed light aircraft on Board of which there was not a single person. About it reports Fox News.

The incident occurred in a small airport of the city of Modesto. The owner of the ship “Beechcraft bonanza” tried unsuccessfully to have his aircraft, and when they departed from him, the plane soared into the air.

According to eyewitnesses, “Beechcraft bonanza” off the ground after independently accelerated to a speed of 64 kilometers per hour. Then he clipped a parked car and then crashed against the fence.

Police said that the fence and the car helped the plane to change direction and slow down before he’d have been out on a busy highway.

“If he was out on the road, it would be very difficult to stop the plane with no pilot,” explained police officer mark Phillips.

In December 2018 a light plane crashed on a soccer field in the Park in Atlanta, Georgia. As a result of the incident killed four people aboard. The aircraft was headed from Atlanta to Memphis. At the crash site, firefighters found only the wreckage. The plane managed to recognize only the surviving tail.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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