The priest got angry because of the cowards with the person of deity


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London designer Sera Alger (Sera Ulger) has released a line of clothing with the image of the Indian deity Durga and angered the faithful. It is reported by the Evening Standard.

The collection includes swimwear, leggings and jackets, which, according to the designer, the drawings which are inspired by her personal practice of meditation and yoga and represent the “power of femininity”.

Leader of Interfaith relations of the Indian national Association in Northern Nevada Raju zed angry design Alger. “Goddess Durga is deeply revered in Hinduism. It is necessary to worship in temples or at home prayers and not print it on the buttocks or between the legs,” protested the priest.

Zed urged the designer to stop the release of the collection and to apologize, because “faith is something untouchable, and the mockery it hurts them that believe.”

However, Sulfur Alger is not going to stop production. “I want to sincerely apologize to the Indian community. I didn’t want to insult them with their creativity. My brand dedicated to female power, and I invested my emotions in this print, because the goddess is the personification of her”, she commented.

Earlier in January, sneakers Air Max American manufacturer of sports apparel, Nike has offended the religious feelings of Muslims. Activist named polar cod Noreen drew attention to the fact that in the logo printed on the soles of sneakers, supposedly encrypted the name of Allah in Arabic.

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