The sleeping mother strangled the baby hair


Photos: Emma Lewis Chipili

A resident of the UK Emma Lewis Chipili (Emma Lewis Chipili) described how accidentally strangled child’s hair in her sleep. Her story shared the edition of The Mirror.

On Tuesday, January 29, the woman went to sleep in the same bed together with their year-old son Lincoln. She admitted she never puts the baby in a separate cot. A dream 35-year-old British woman who has five children, felt that the son twitches. Chipili opened his eyes and saw her hair wrapped around the neck of Lincoln.

The woman began to panic and tried to release his son. But her attempts to untangle the hair only worsened the situation — they encircled the child’s neck tighter and tighter. When Chipili tried to shove his fingers under the hair to break them, the boy began to choke. The Briton screamed in fear, the noise of the husband came and helped her to release Lincoln.

According to her, the boy was not injured, but frightened, and on his neck traces from the hair. The woman was pretty freaked out and a few nights I couldn’t sleep.

“I always collected the hair in a bun before bed. But at the time I dismissed them because of a headache and fell asleep,” admitted Chipili. She encouraged other mothers not to repeat its mistakes.

At the end of December 2017, it was reported the baby, who nearly lost two toes because of the hair of the mother. Blood circulation in the fingers was broken, and if not for the timely help of parents and doctors would have to amputate a foot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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