The United States covered the record cold


Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

In the Midwest USA observed anomalous frosts — 30 January, the temperature in Chicago dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius. 150 years of meteorological observations colder than it was once. This was told CNN.

Cold in the capital of Illinois is felt more strongly due to strong winds — Chicago residents can feel temperatures ranging from minus 40 to minus 53 degrees. Due to frost canceled classes in schools and universities, and the streets were empty — the residents advised not to leave their homes unnecessarily. Below minus 30 degree temperature in the city fell only once — in 1985.

Frost forced the President of the United States Donald trump once again to doubt the existence of global warming: in his Twitter, he jokingly called for warming to return. However, as explained the NASA website for kids, winter temperatures can be caused by warming at the North pole.

The trains were able to walk in the Chicago area, workers set fire to parts of the railroad, covered with ice.

The Chicago river and lake Michigan, which is a city of cold, which is unusual for them even in the cold season. The cold, however, did not last long: on 1 February the temperature rises to minus six degrees Celsius, and February 4, weather forecasters promise 11 degrees Celsius.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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