To remove a huge tumor from the patient’s blood was drained


Frame: 7News

A resident of the Australian city of Perth has taken a huge tumor raised the average age of the belly. This writes the newspaper The West Australian.

Wayne Gair (Gair Wayne) I noticed that he began to get fat, but did not attach any importance to this. He went to the doctors only after the appearance of breathing problems. During the examination, he was diagnosed with a tumor with a diameter of 32 cm, which weighed 12 kilograms. She held his abdomen and began to shift the internal organs

When removing used an innovative method: using a modified heart-lung machine, the patient bled again and then filed it in the body. The operation lasted 12 hours. “This is a significant improvement of the methods of conducting such operations, which makes them safer and more accessible for some patients,” said surgeon mark Newman (Mark Newman).

In July it was reported that a farmer from India decided to remove the tumor that was growing on his neck for 20 years. He went to the doctors only after the tumor has reached the size of his head.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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