Tourist spent in an Egyptian prison and shared his impressions


Photo: Laura Plummer

A resident of the UK held in an Egyptian prison more than a year after he tried to smuggle into the country pain medicine for my husband-the Egyptian. Reported by the Daily Mail.

34-year-old Laura Plummer (Laura Plummer) was in prison at the end of 2017. In the television show “Good morning Britain” the woman told me that a package of drugs was handed over to her friend, and Plummer didn’t check what lies inside. When she arrived in Hurghada airport, the police found in the bag 290 tramadol tablets and a few tablets of naproxen.

“I didn’t even think about it. When Donna gave me this bag, I did not check what’s inside. I had no idea that there actually was,” repent Plummer.

She also added that she had to face terrible things. According to the Brits, there were a total of 84 beds for 200 women, and she had to sleep near the toilet on the floor.

“Every day was fighting. I even saw women tortured with sticks, I recalled Plummer. — I’m so glad I came home. I just need a two week vacation and the normal bath.”

A Briton sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years, but she was held in prison for 14 months. The prisoner was granted early release, after which it was immediately sent to the airport, deprived of opportunities to see my husband. She said that in the near future, not ready to go back to Egypt to see him.

Laura Plummer was detained at the airport of Hurghada in the beginning of October 2017. After her bag was found a prohibited substance, she was forced to sign the 38-page document in Arabic and was sent to prison, where she spent almost a month with another 25 women.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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