Trump argues with intelligence


Donald Truephoto: Win McNamee / Getty Images

The President of the United States Donald trump criticized statements by us intelligence officials about the threat posed by Iran, North Korea and ISIS (the terrorist organization “Islamic state” banned in Russia). About it reports NBC News.

“Intelligence officials seem to be extremely ambivalent and naive when talking about the danger of Iran. They’re wrong!” — he said, Recalling that when he became head of state, Tehran has created problems throughout the Middle East and other regions. “Since the nuclear deal with Iran were terminated, they [the Iranians] are behaving differently,” he said.

Trump also said that the Iranians continue to conduct missile tests, and the weakening of the economy — the only thing holding them back. “Maybe the intelligence officers should go back to school,” wrote a leader in his Twitter.

At the same time, according to U.S. intelligence officials, the terrorists are still active in Syria, and North Korea continues testing at secret sites.

Relations between the US and Iran escalated after may 2018 trump announced the unilateral withdrawal of Washington from a nuclear deal in 2015 and the renewal of the sanctions against Tehran.

North Korea has repeatedly suspected of violating the agreement on the elimination of nuclear weapons. In December 2018 it was reported that North Korea has strengthened basic missile base long-range, located in a mountainous area of the country, despite the obligations under the denuclearization of the Peninsula. In November it became known that North Korean territory is discovered 13 secret missile bases.

After April 2018 trump has announced the imminent execution of all tasks in the fight against “Islamic state”, the representative of the US-led coalition against ISIS Ryan Dillon said that Syria has increased the activity of terrorist cells.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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