Ukrainian Minister ate the cake in the form of ruins of the Kremlin


Photo: Marina Tomko in Facebook

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan ate the cake in the form of ruins of the Kremlin in honor of his birthday. This was reported in Facebook by his press Secretary Marina Tomko.

“I congratulated the Minister on the day of birth, gave the Kremlin (the ruins). The hand with the cufflink colors of the UPA (banned in Russia Ukrainian insurgent army — ed. “Of the”) ate the star of the Spasskaya tower. Glory To Ukraine!” — Tomko wrote, adding the hashtags “Obuchayutsya” and “the Ruins Kremsmuller”.

A year ago, Omeljan said that the bridge under construction from Taman in Crimea in the future will link the Ukrainian Peninsula Ukrainian Kuban. In may 2017, the Minister promised that the links between the two countries will be restored after Ukraine will regain Crimea, Eastern region, Kuban and other areas, “which were seized by Russia at the time”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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