Young gamer live smashed the computer in an attempt to gain money and lost


Frame: rogue07 / Twitch

Streamer under the name rogue07 Twitch live drowned and broke her own computer after stranger in a chat promised the boy money in exchange for the destruction of equipment. According to The DailyDot.

In the comments of the famous YouTube blogger MrBeast has promised the young streamer five thousand dollars on a new computer if the old one is completely destroyed. The boy agreed and was attracted to the action of their brothers and sisters. Together they drown the device in a bath and then smashed it with a machete and a baseball bat.

The opinion of Reddit users on this incident were divided. The part of the users concluded that the offer and monetary compensation was fake. They referred to the fact that the boy was no longer broadcast and the guest stream deceived him. Other part of commentators have suggested that this is a Scam. The man under the nickname MrBeast, in their opinion, is the father of the boy, and the incident was intended to replace the old computer with a new computer with the help of unsuspecting users.

At the moment the stream with the destruction of the computer is unavailable, as well as other video rogue07.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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