A jump in housing prices in Moscow have found an explanation


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Average price per square meter in new buildings of the “old” Moscow has increased over the year by eight percent, in these areas increased by 16 percent. This is stated in the materials of analysts CYAN received 5 February edition”.ru”.

The reasons for such dynamics experts of the company include the improvement of the transport situation with the opening of new metro stations, high demand and rising prices with increasing of readiness of construction of residential complexes.

“Factor the imminent opening of the metro station near the new buildings are almost always ignored by developers since the beginning of active construction works”, — noted in the study. In particular, according to CYANOGEN, waiting for the opening of the metro station “Nekrasovka” has become in 2018 the reason for the growth of housing prices in some buildings of the residential complex under construction by 56 percent. In New Moscow with the launch of metro prices in the number of cases rose to 58 percent.

The maximum increase in prices as construction readiness of facilities in new buildings of Moscow in 2018 amounted to 38 percent, according to the company. In some buildings prices have increased by 21-28 percent.

Another factor in the growth of CYANOGEN called the change of price for successful sales. “Most developers coupled with strong demand starting to increase prices”, — States analysts. The absolute record growth rates for this reason, in 2018 was recorded at 38 percent.

Earlier, analysts of the company “Inkom-real Estate” announced bezprecedenta the rising cost of secondary housing in Moscow. According to their statistics, the city average price of meter of apartments in the old Fund reached in January 2019, the 206 thousand rubles, which was an absolute record for all history of observations.

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