Aircraft with passengers three returned to departure airport due to breakage


Photo: Louis Nastro / Reuters

A Hawaiian airlines plane, EN route from Los Angeles to the Hawaii Kahului, three times returned to airport of departure because of malfunction of different systems of the ship. It is reported by Travel and Leisure.

The airline did not specify what system is out of order, but an online flight tracker flightradar24 showed that the first liner back an hour later flight. Then he made a second attempt to reach Kahului, but stayed in flight only five and a half hours circling over the Pacific ocean. After the third attempt to fly the airliner returned to the airport of Los Angeles almost immediately, and the company canceled the flight.

All passengers received compensation, hotel room, lunch and a discount of $ 100 on your next flight.

“Safety is our top priority. We apologize for the delivered inconveniences to customers. We understand that passengers disappointed, and deeply regret that upset their plans,” reads the official statement of the airline.

As the newspaper notes, on long flights that pass over water, observed stricter rules of safety. In this regard, the airlines react to minor malfunctions in the systems.

In January, the aircraft of the company “Rusline” returned to departure airport due to unclosed the doors to the salon. The liner made flight from Moscow to Belgorod, but after some time in the cockpit triggered a sensor. He showed that one of the doors is not closed. The crew decided to turn the plane in the Moscow airport Vnukovo.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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