Missing last year ex-employee of the red cross found in a Moscow prison


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

In Moscow SIZO No. 5 “Water” almost accidentally found the missing at the end of 2018, a Swiss citizen, a former employee of the Department of international missions of the International Committee of the red cross, now retired, 71-year-old John Grinling. On Tuesday, February 5, “the Tape.ru” has informed a source in law enforcement; this information was confirmed by the former lawyer of the foreigner.

According to sources, Grinling was arrested on 10 December last year in the transit zone of the Sheremetyevo airport due to the fact that in his Luggage found drugs, one gram of hash and two grams of marijuana. The alien was flying from Delhi. In Switzerland, these substances are in free circulation, and on the territory of Russia, the foreigner, according to him, did not join until then, until he led employees of the transport police.

“John Grinling does not know Russian, speaks only in English and French, for this reason, even can’t write any petitions and do not really understand what he is accused. The only time he saw his lawyer (by appointment) the court, on the day of arrest,” — said the source.

According to him, for 56 days of Grinling there was not one police officer, no investigation of him was conducted. On March 6, the alien must be conducted psychological and psychiatric examination — to this day, the inquiry did not even intend to look into the matter.

Former lawyer Grinling assigned to him in the day of his arrest confirmed “Tape.ru” the information and said that the foreigner was accused of smuggling of narcotic drugs and precursors. According to the lawyer, he is no longer a defender of the Swiss, as in the case became the attorney under the contract.

The Swiss Embassy only recently learned that in Russian jail is their citizen. 1 Feb to the Grinling was sent to the lawyer by the contract. He intends to contest the fact of initiation of criminal proceedings and his detention in the transit area.

From December 2018, John Grinling was looking for friends he lost on the way from Delhi to Bern. However, statements to the police were reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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