The Prosecutor General’s office denied a new investigation into the Dyatlov pass


Alexander Merenneito:

The Prosecutor General of Russia has denied messages of some mass media that the investigation in the criminal case of the death of a tourist group, Igor Dyatlov in the Urals in 1959 allegedly resumed. On Tuesday, February 5, with reference to the official representative of Department Alexander kurinny reports “Interfax”.

According to class, after appeals from journalists in September 2018, the Prosecutor’s office of Sverdlovsk region began abdunazarova checking on the fact of death of tourists. In this case no further investigation, prosecutors are not carried out.

February 4, the Prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk region revealed the reason for secrecy in the case of death of tourists in 1959.

Earlier, on 4 February, it was reported that prosecutors are considering three main versions of the death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass. 1 February it became known that the Prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk region intends to conduct an extensive investigation of the criminal case about the death of tourists.

In January 2016, the tourists discovered the body of an unknown in the area of Dyatlov pass. It was later established that the victim was 47-year-old man from Chelyabinsk region, who lived as a hermit near the pass in the summer of 2014. Cause of death was hypothermia.

The pass is named in memory of a tour group led by Igor Dyatlov, who died in the winter of 1959 in the Northern Urals. According to investigators, the deaths of nine Soviet skiers were caused by “natural power, to overcome that people were not able to”. Were put forward different versions of what happened, in particular — testing of radioactive weapons, and contact with alien beings.

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