The Russian doctor had to walk 25 kilometers a day


Paramedic Sagila Nigmatullina Frame: video

In the Chelyabinsk region rural paramedic Sagila Nigmatullina daily traverses tens of kilometers on foot, to the inhabitants of the neighboring villages were able to receive medical assistance. The story about the doctor removed the REN TV channel.

The last 26 years Nigmatullina worked in the village of illinka, and when the Pervomayskoe village 12 kilometers left without a medic, she was asked to take on new patients. Now, after a change in illinka it goes to the first, and then performs the bypass home.

Buses between towns are not running, sometimes a woman cannot take a ride, but often have to go all the way on foot through the snow and frost. The local administration refused to provide her with a company car, justifying this by the fact that no cars available. To run a bus route only for the paramedic also did not, because “not profitable”, “the bus will be air to carry”.

Local officials planned to solve the problem by finding for the residents of the Pervomaisky a new doctor, but no job not responded, and continues Nigmatullina walks 25 kilometers a day for their patients.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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