Beginner’s Russian football club accused of rape


Babacar, Carphoto: Mikhail Kireev / RIA Novosti

The newcomer club of the Russian Premier League (RPL) “Yenisei” Babacar Sarr accused of rape. This publication reports Nettavisen.

Sarr was summoned to Norwegian court before which he is required to appear on February 14. The source notes that this is not the first case when the Senegalese becomes involved in the investigation of rape. In November 2018 the player was detained in the town of Molde, the investigators questioned him about 12 hours, but then released.

In August of 2018 Sarr was acquitted in another rape case. Despite this, the court ordered the footballer to pay 150 thousand euros (about 15,000 euros) to the victim.

In January Molde, which was made by Sarre, broke the contract with the player. 5 Feb Enisey announced the signing of a contract with the Senegalese.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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