In the “United Russia” the Deputy chided the idea to cancel free meals in schools


Elena Deracinate:

Vice-speaker of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk oblast Vladimir Vlasov has criticized the proposal of the Deputy Gordumy Ekaterinburg Elena Deryagina abolish free meals for elementary school students. On Wednesday, February 6, reported on the website of the regional branch of “United Russia”.

“There are no objective prerequisites for the abolition of free meals for all primary school pupils”, — said Vlasov.

He recalled that in the region a few years ago a law was passed about nutrition of all primary school students in school canteens. Annually from the regional budget on these purposes it is allocated about three billion roubles. Also used funds from the municipal budgets.

Derjaguin she explained his proposal so that budget subsidies should be targeted, and free Lunches can only be granted to invalids, orphans and children from large families.

According to her, the abolition of free Lunches for all children will lead to that will free more resources for the food insecure segments of the population. According to the Deputy, wealthy parents able to pay for food for their children independently.

In addition, the people’s darling has shared the observation that many children did not finish their servings and therefore taxpayers ‘ money being wasted. Rejection of subsidies for universal school meals would, in the opinion of Draginol, to find additional funds for the construction of new schools and the transition to study in one shift.

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