Successful Ukrainian with amused four iPhone users on the network


Photo: Pikabu

Visitors Pikabu found the resident of Ukraine, perfect for the role of “the son of my mother’s friends”. The user MaximBorovik noticed it on one of the food courts. A young man in a business suit with AirPods in the ears was holding three iPhone. The author of the picture called him “man of success”.

The fourth iPhone “human success” lay on the table. The caricature I laugh all visitors. Many of them recognize the young man, “the son of my mother’s friends”. “This is the son of a friend of my mom’s friend of some kind,” — says the user with the nickname adrenalin2x, wanting to emphasize the success of guy, which can only envy.

Photo gained hundreds of comic reviews. The visitors suggested that the photo — Creator of the online casino Azino 777. They have also started to upload photos of luxurious-looking people who meet in the subway. In particular, I found “brother’s” hero of photography. He was a passenger subway in a business suit with a gold watch, an expensive phone and key chains, Mercedes in hand.

In discussing the photos managed to establish the identity of her hero. In the comments under the photo responded the man who knew him. According to the user with the nickname Kvayn, he studied in the same University and lived in the same Dorm. Kvayn claims that the young man has always sought for luxury. “I still remember one of the iPhone, which he never removed in his pocket. Always wore a suit and shirt, a unique frame. Maybe people would believe in his superuspeshnogo, but just all around know that he lives in the same student hostel, room for four people, like most students of my University,” — says the user.

As proof, he brought pictures of his classmate student days. Kvayn said that doesn’t know what is currently “human-success.”

The meme “son of my mother’s friends” appeared in 2010, and Russia has gained wide popularity in late 2017. It is a collective image of a successful man who cannot be beat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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