The bear ate addict


Photo: Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Became known cause of death missing in the Appalachian mountains of men, whose remains were eaten by a bear. On it informs edition USA Today.

11 September 2018 in the national Park great smoky mountains found a corpse 30-the summer man. Nearby lay the syringes and accessories for drug use. Adult black bear, glodowski body, a few hours people were not allowed and refused to leave.

The identity of the deceased established the things and distinctive tattoos: a skull and crossbones, the emblem of the group “AC/DC” and the Confederate flag that says “redneck so accepted.” They found 30-year-old William Lee hill Jr (William Lee Hill Jr.) from the American city of Louisville, Tennessee. He went missing four days earlier, when together with his best friend in the woods looking for ginseng.

The autopsy results were known only in February. Experts have determined that the cause of death was an overdose of methamphetamine. They failed to find evidence that hill had attacked the bear in life. Apparently, the animal was found the remains of a man after his death.

The bear was killed by the Rangers on September 16. Each hill that went up with him for a ginseng, died in October. The reasons of his death are not specified.

Black bear (baribal) — the most common in North America the species. The adult male reaches a length of 1.4-2 metres and weigh up to 360 kilograms. Representatives of this species rarely attack humans.

On 21 August it was reported that a black bear got into the house of an older resident of the U.S. state of new Hampshire. When the woman stumbled on the animal, it struck her with his face. In the result the victim lost an eye and received other injuries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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