The causes of lack of patriotism of the Russian textbook on Economics


Igor Lipsitt:

The experts who were called “unpatriotic” and not promoting “love of country” a textbook on Economics for classes 10 and 11, did not like the words that the state earns on the excise duty on alcohol and other examples from the book. About it in interview to “” said the author of the textbook, doctor of economic Sciences Igor Lipsits.

“There’s a lot of accusations. For example, it is written, we can say that we have a state earns on the sale of alcoholic beverages? — said Lipsits. — It undermines the love for the Motherland”.

In addition, experts did not like that the textbook makes the link between educational level and incidence of AIDS-based African statistics and reproached for the phrase “in 2013 the Russian government made a mistake.”

As explained “the”, this is the 23rd edition of the textbook for 25 years. Previously, he positively passed the next examination of the Russian Academy of Sciences, examination of the Russian Academy of education (RAO), and “so-called public examination”. However, there were ordered additional examination, all the experts which wrote a book to include in the Federal list of textbooks is impossible.

Lipsits said that this happens with the textbooks of other authors and wording in their examinations also raise questions. “For example, in the textbook there are no errors, comments no objections, but recommended to not be,” he provided as an example. “This is an attempt to remove from the Federal list of textbooks that make it difficult to publish something else. I understand that”,
— said Lipsits.

Earlier on Wednesday, 6 February, it became known that the Russian textbook “Economics” for 10-11 classes were excluded from the Federal list of textbooks due to the lack of materials, “forming students’ sense of pride, of belonging to what is happening”. As follows from the recommendations, the author was requested to tell in the manual “about the plans for the nearest economic breakthrough” about import substitution “as one of directions of modern economic policy,” because the discussion questions suggested in the tutorial “does not promote love of country”.

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