The girl visited the nail salon and lost a finger


Picture: A Current Affair / YouTube

The resident of Australia amputated phalanx of finger after done sloppy manicure. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing a TV show A Current Affair.

Stella Falcone (Falcone, Stella) picked up a bacterial infection in a cut cuticle in the nail salon in Melbourne. The girl went to the hospital, where subsequently, for six days, underwent five operations. “The equipment in the nail salon were not sterile, explains Falcone. — Because of this I lost phalanx of finger.”

Australian woman decided to tell her story after watching a TV show A Current Affair. Invited guest, a doctor and politician Kerryn Phelps (Kerryn Phelps), noticed a cut on the finger leading Alex Bernhardt (Alex Bernhardt) and advised her to go immediately to the hospital.

After that, hundreds of women admitted that they had contracted infectious diseases from Amateur manicure. So, Australian Rita Pavlis (Pavlis Rita) also lost part of a finger after a trip to the nail salon. “I left without nail, when doctors are forced to cut my finger,” she recalls.

The owner of the salon, in which Bernhard asked for a manicure, wished to comment on the incident. According to him, the woman “invented history” as the staff closely monitoring the cleanliness of the cabin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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